TenPoint Turbo GT Crossbow Package Review

TenPoint Turbo GT Crossbow Package Review

Crossbows are often derided as outdated pieces of equipment by those who do not know them better. In fact, a crossbow is a very versatile weapon that can be put to use in a whole range of applications. We will go over some of these applications before we move on to some of the more important aspects to consider in a new crossbow.

Once we have gone over the possible applications and characteristics to look out for, we will take a look at one of the best compound crossbows you will find available.

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Crossbows are typically used for one of two applications, and they are quite proficient in both of these applications. The first use of a crossbow is more common than some would believe, and it is used as a hunting weapon. Some may think of the crossbow as inherently inferior to a rifle as a hunting weapon, but there are several reasons why it is an excellent choice.

The first reason is due to the crossbow's relatively low noise output when fired. A crossbow is even quieter than a suppressed rifle, so you will find that they are an excellent choice if you are not trying to scare away game in your vicinity. This makes a crossbow a good choice for beginner hunters who have not yet mastered the art of shooting accurately.

If you miss with your crossbow, you will often have another chance to find more game, whereas missing with a rifle carries the risk of scaring away other animals around you besides your target. Keep in mind that crossbows still do make a noticeable amount of noise when they are fired, so you are not completely stealthy.

The other application that you can use a crossbow in is target shooting. Crossbows are very useful for target shooting as they will help you develop your instincts as a shooter. Since they are typically less accurate than guns, you will have to put a bit more effort into your shooting with a crossbow than with a firearm.


When searching for a crossbow, you will want to opt for a model which is within your budget. Crossbows can be quite pricey investments, so it helps to cut down on the cost wherever possible. One thing you do not want to do, however, is purchase a cheap crossbow.

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By cheap, we mean one which sacrifices build quality for a superior price point. Purchasing weapons with inferior build quality is never a smart choice, and can even be dangerous.


This aspect goes hand in hand with affordability. You will often want to ensure that your crossbow is reliable, as the last thing you will want is a string snapping on you in the middle of your hunt. Always ensure that you purchase the crossbow that shows the highest demonstrable build quality.

About The Product

The Turbo GT Crossbow Package is manufactured by TenPoint, one of the more trusted manufacturers of crossbows and crossbow accessories. It includes several additional features which will make it far easier for you to properly equip your crossbow and start using it.

  • Thanks to the ACUdraw crank cocking system, this is an easy model to load
  • Includes a TenPoint Pro View 2 scope with dual red and green illumination
  • Includes a 3 pack of TenPoint Elite carbon arrows
  • Includes a 3 arrow ambidextrous quiver
  • 13.5 inches axle to axle
  • Includes an instructional DVD


This package includes a TenPoint Pro View 2 scope, which allows you to hit long range targets more easily. It also includes a 3 pack of TenPoint elite carbon arrows so you can start shooting as soon as you receive your product. This product also features the excellent ACUdraw crank system which makes cocking this model a breeze.

Crossbow Trigger


If you are looking for a comprehensive crossbow kit to get you started off on the right foot, you will appreciate this product from TenPoint. It is ideal for beginners thanks to the ease of use of the Turbo GT crossbow and the inclusion of so many additional attachments and accessories.

Unlike other crossbow kits which are typically geared towards starters, you will find that this kit is an excellent investment due to its rugged build quality. Regardless of whether you are target shooting or hunting, you will appreciate the excellent quality of this product as it will last you a long time.

We also appreciated the inclusion of three carbon arrows, which allow you to easily sight in the crossbow without having to buy a separate pack of arrows. We were also big fans of the ACUdraw crank system, greatly increasing the ease of cocking this model of crossbow.

What Others Say

Customers were typically impressed by the ease of assembling this crossbow. Thanks to the inclusion of detailed instructions, the process is straightforward and simple, unlike many other models of crossbow in a similar price range.

The ACUdraw system was also a source of much praise from many customers, with most remarking how easy it makes the crossbow to use for a beginner.

One of the only criticisms we have noticed is due to the amount of noise made by the crank system when you are reloading. However, this can be mitigated by cocking the crossbow manually.

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Source: tenpointcrossbows.com

Overall, it’s been a positive reception from consumers all aboard. The bow is easy to use and provides a lot of utility. You should user it if you want to enhance your performance during your hunting excursions.

Buying Advice

As with most other crossbows, the best place to purchase this model is from an online retailer such as Amazon. It is priced at just under 1000 dollars, which is a reasonable price when you consider all of the included attachments and the quality of this product.


If you would like the best beginner crossbow package available for purchase, you will find that the TenPoint Turbo GT is an excellent choice. We hope that this review has proved to be both helpful and comprehensive. Good luck finding your perfect crossbow!

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