Carbon Express Intercept Axon Crossbow Kit Review

Carbon Express Intercept Axon Crossbow Kit Review

There are many reasons to opt for a crossbow instead of a gun. Regardless of whether you are target shooting or hunting, nothing quite matches the rewarding feeling of hitting a target with a crossbow. In addition to requiring more skill to use, a crossbow is a more silent option that allows you to hunt with stealth.

While a crossbow may require a bit more effort to shoot due to its lower velocity projectiles, you will find that it is a great way for beginner shooters to sharpen their shooting skills. The need to fire one bolt at a time makes every shot count when you use a crossbow, and encourages accurate shooting every time.

While crossbows used to be specialized products that could only be found for a relatively high price, you will find that modern crossbows are available for somewhat more reasonable prices. You do not have to sacrifice quality in your product for a good price point either, as you can find crossbows made of strong but light materials such as carbon fiber for relatively cheap.

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Crossbows also provide an economic edge when target shooting or hunting as you can reuse the ammunition. As long as your bolt remains relatively undamaged after you fire it, you can always clean it off and reuse it. This can save you quite a substantial amount of money in long term ammunition costs, especially if you are a prolific target shooter.

Before we move onto our review of the Carbon Express Axon, we will go over some of the aspects that elevate a good crossbow to the position of one of the best crossbows available.


Many crossbow packages come with a scope, which is an excellent addition if you plan on shooting accurately at longer ranges. Some crossbows do not even come with included iron sights, relying entirely on the use of a scope.

Scopes come in varying levels of magnification depending on the range that you expect to shoot at most often; some can even have their magnification varied for different ranges. This is why you should try and opt for a model of crossbow that combines an affordable sight with good picture quality and rugged construction.


The weight of your crossbow is another aspect that you should consider before making your purchase. Depending on whether you intend to use your crossbow for hunting or target practice, you will find this point more or less valuable. As you will have to carry your crossbow with you on a long day of hunting, a lighter crossbow helps you avoid getting tired.

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If you intend to use your crossbow for target practice, on the other hand, you will find that weight is less of an issue as you can always rest your crossbow when you are not using it.

About The Product

The Carbon Express Intercept Axon is one of the better repeating crossbows you will find available. This crossbow features a lightweight frame paired with an ergonomic design to ensure maximum user friendliness, regardless of whether you prefer to use your crossbow for hunting or target shooting. Some of the product main features:

  • Crossbow is 13.5 inches axle to axle
  • Features an anti dry fire mechanism
  • Features a no creep trigger with a low pull weight of 3.5 pounds
  • Features a multi-position Picatinny rail system
  • Includes a foldable foregrip for improved accuracy
  • Includes a 4x32 multi-reticle scope with illuminated crosshairs
  • Fires at 360 feet per second
  • Features a draw weight of 175 pounds


This crossbow is host to a variety of features, including a 4x32 scope with green and red illumination, an advanced trigger grouping which ensures that every shot is smooth, and so much more.

Man Shooting With Carbon Express


This model of repeating crossbow from Carbon Express is an excellent choice for more than just its quick and intuitive loading system. The draw weight of 175 pounds may seem a little low compared to larger models of a crossbow, but the bolt speed of 360 feet per second is still fast enough to make shooting a fun experience.

The Axon is one of our favorite crossbows for a simple reason; it is deadly accurate. Firing 1-inch groupings at 20 yards, this is one of the most accurate crossbows for several reasons. First of all, you will find that the smooth and light trigger mechanism goes a long way towards making your shots precise.

Besides the trigger, the robust and consistent cable system ensures that your shots will strike true even after repeated firing. If you want to keep your shots as consistent as possible, we would recommend that you lubricate the cables after every five to ten shots.

What Others Say

After searching the internet for customer reviews and testimonials, we have compiled some of the most common opinions on this product. Mostly, customers praised this model for its ease of use combined with its futuristic construction. Many customers were surprised by the small size of this model.

Carbon Express Crossbow Kit On White Background


Unfortunately, some customers were unimpressed by the heavy weight of this crossbow, but this is quite honestly to be expected from a repeating crossbow thanks to the more complex loading mechanism. Regardless, customers were highly satisfied with this model of a crossbow, rating it highly.

Buying Advice

If you are looking to buy the Carbon Express Axon, you have a choice of many online retailers, such as It can typically be found for around 1000 dollars, which makes it one of the less pricey options when it comes to high quality repeating crossbows.


We hope that this review has been both educational and helpful. You will find that the perfect crossbow for your needs is quite easy to find if you consider the aspects that are important to you and you stick to your budget.

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