Barnett Ghost 410 CRT Crossbow Package Review

Barnett Ghost 410 CRT Crossbow Package Review

You have many options at your disposal when it comes to finding the ideal weapon for hunting. Unlike many people mistakenly believe, you are not simply restricted to using firearms as hunting weapons. One of the best options for a hunting weapon can, in fact, be the crossbow.

Unfortunately, many people who are unfamiliar with crossbows tend to write them off as being obsolete and outdated weapons. In fact, a crossbow can sometimes be a better choice than a hunting rifle, depending on the style of hunting that you prefer.

There are many ways to hunt, and one of the preferred methods of hunting for crossbow users is ambush hunting. Ambush hunting is exactly what it sounds like. It consists of lying in ambush, waiting for your prey and then taking the shot when the moment is ideal.

Shooting With Barnnett Ghost 410 Crossbow

Ambush hunting has the advantage of being better for those of us who are just starting out in hunting and are still a little clumsy. Since you lie in wait, you do not have to worry about errant twigs and other obstacles threatening to scare off your prey when stepped on.

A crossbow also allows beginner hunters to grow more accustomed to the dynamics of hunting before getting a full-size hunting rifle. Crossbows allow you to attain crucial hunting experience such as positioning and shot accuracy due to the long reload time not giving you the opportunity for a follow-up shot.

Crossbows also have the advantage of often being less strictly regulated than firearms, allowing you to get out there and hunting with a shorter waiting process, depending on your state.

Draw Weight

One consideration to make before purchasing your crossbow is the amount of draw weight you want it to feature. Draw weight is one of the more crucial aspects to a crossbow because a draw weight which is too high might make it impossible for certain people to load their crossbow.

The draw weight is the amount of weight which will be behind your crossbow's string; this has a direct effect on your arrow velocity and the difficulty of cocking your crossbow. Certain models feature a cocking aid to provide a mechanical advantage in the cocking process.

Arrow Velocity

An aspect which is closely related to draw weight is your arrow velocity. A higher arrow velocity is nearly always preferred; the matter is simply when it stops being convenient to improve the velocity. A Higher velocity will often require higher draw weight, increasing the size and weight of the crossbow and making it harder to use.

Barnett Ghost 410 CRT Crossbow Features

Higher arrow velocity makes it easier to shoot accurately due to lower bolt travel time. In addition to a faster shot, it will also reduce the amount of bolt drop that you experience, allowing you to aim at long range targets more effectively.

About The Product

The Barnett Ghost 410 CRT is manufactured by Barnett, who is one of the premiere manufacturers of high-quality crossbows and crossbow components. You can rest easy knowing that you are investing in a good product when you purchase a Barnett crossbow, and this model is no exception. Here are some product specifications:

  • Features 410 feet per second of arrow velocity
  • Features 185 pounds of draw weight
  • Includes a 3 arrow quiver
  • Includes a rope cocking device for easier reloading
  • Crossbow is 20 inches axle to axle
  • Includes a talon sling
  • Includes a 3x32 scope
  • Features the CROSSWIRE string and cable system


Included features are as follows: a 3x32 scope for accurate long range shooting, a talon sling for easier carrying, a rope cocking device for higher mechanical advantage when loading and much more. This crossbow is an excellent choice for the discerning hunter or the precise target shooter.

Man Reloading Barnnett Ghost 410 Crossbow


If you are looking to invest in a rugged and versatile crossbow, you will love the Barnett Ghost 410. With 410 feet per second of arrow speed, your shooting will be both fast and accurate. Other models in this crossbow's price range are typically closer to the mid 300s regarding velocity.

The CROSSWIRE string and cable system ensure that you will have none of the common issues with your bowstrings, as they are the most common point of failure with most crossbows. The inclusion of a talon sling makes it far easier to carry this crossbow around when you are on a hunt, as well.

This model of crossbow is highly accurate when compared to other similarly priced models. It shoots at about a 3.5-inch grouping at 50 yards, so it does not lose precision at longer range, like some other crossbows that we have seen. If you are looking for a crossbow which is both accurate and convenient, this model is a good choice.

What Others Say

Most customers have high praise for this model, due to the amount of included attachments. Even though the draw weight is not as high as some other models, customers are happy with the inclusion of a cocking rope, making it far easier to reload this crossbow.

Unfortunately, customers had quite a few complaints about the quality of the scope which comes included with this crossbow package. If you are looking for an effective scope, you will have to opt for one which is purchased separately.

Overall customers seemed to be pleased with the device. It’s a fast and accurate crossbow that allows the user to fire shots up to 300 feet. Buy this crossbow today if you wan

Buying Advice

This model of crossbow can be purchased from a large number of online retailers, including Amazon.

Barnett Ghost 410 CRT Crossbow


The package itself often retails for around 850 dollars, which is cheaper than most competing crossbow packages. This is an excellent deal, as long as you are not hoping for a high-quality scope to be included in the package.


If you want a crossbow which ranks high regarding user accessibility and durability, opt for the Barnett Ghost 410. Besides a good number of included attachments, this crossbow is one of the best models you will find that is geared towards hunting.

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